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Providing The Guidance And Support You Need After A Construction Site Injury

There are always a lot of construction projects going on in the Syracuse, Buffalo and Rochester areas. Though New York has some of the most specific laws that govern construction sites, accidents often occur.

If you or a loved one has been injured on or near a New York construction site, I am here to help. I am Sareer “Sandy” Fazili and I use over 25 years of personal injury experience to provide guidance and assistance to people and families whose lives have been impacted by a construction accident.

At The Fazili Firm, I work with construction workers who have sustained serious injuries on a job site as well as others who were passing by and were injured. You can trust that I have your best interests in mind as we pursue maximum compensation for the pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses and other losses you have sustained.

Types Of Construction Accidents

I represent clients in any and all types of construction accidents that may have occurred, including:

  • A fall from a height
  • Scaffolding or ladder collapse
  • Trench collapse
  • Falling objects
  • Crane collapse
  • Slip-and-falls and trip-and-falls
  • Failure of safety equipment
  • Lack of safety equipment

New York State Labor Law 240

Often called the “scaffold law,” Labor Law 240 sets out guidelines for how scaffolding needs to be secured on a construction site in order to prevent falls and falling objects. The law also states that you may be able to take action against a negligent contractor or property owner if you become injured by a collapse or a falling object.

I will take the time to explain how Labor Law 240, as well as Labor Laws 200 and 241 may apply to your specific situation.

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