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Do You Know What To Do After An Accident?

After getting into a car accident, the first question most people ask is, “What should I do?” It’s hard to know what to do and how to get organized when you’ve just lost your car, been injured and can’t function as well as you did before the collision, and insurance companies are trying to get you to sign papers and give recorded statements. Stop and take a breath, and then call me.

My name is Sareer “Sandy” Fazili. For 25 years, I’ve offered clients a clear, thorough understanding of the issues ahead of them in personal injury cases. When you get into a car accident, your first steps are critical. I will guide you through the early confusion and get you on the way to recovery. Don’t let anyone take your statement or tell you how things work until you’ve spoken to me.

What Should YOU Do After Your Accident, And What Should WE Do After Your Accident

While your situation is unique, you need to follow a few simple steps to make sure you start down the safe road to recovery

Get Medical Attention

ALWAYS seek medical care. You may not feel terrible pain immediately after a collision, but you should ALWAYS seek medical care. While it may be normal to think that you are just “shaken up,” and that the pain will get better “in a few days,” or that it’s “normal to feel banged up after a collision,” you MUST seek medical care. You may not know the severity of your injuries until a medical professional examines you. And the examination and medical treatment have to be close to the accident, and consistent over a period of time. Documentation of your injuries, complaints of pain and the doctor’s findings help to prove that you’ve been injured and that the injuries are related to the collision

I Will Get A Copy Of The Police Report

Hopefully, the police came out to investigate the accident. They should always be called after someone is involved in a collision. It should always be noted for the record how a collision happened.

I Will Contact The Insurance Company

It is best if you DO NOT speak to any of the insurance companies involved in the accident. Let me guide you through the process in determining WHICH of the insurance companies you should speak with, and which of them you should NOT. Don’t let anyone tell you how the process works, whether you should speak to the insurance companies, and what you should tell them.

I Can Help You Through This Process

At The Fazili Firm, I will help you from day one and guide you through the process to ensure that you get the best medical care available and receive the maximum amount of compensation. I will handle all of the details from start to finish. Call me at 585-504-7395 or use this email form to schedule a consultation.