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A Crash Course In Car Crash Liability

There are tens of thousands of motor vehicles on the roads today. Anyone might find themselves in a car accident and at the mercy of an insurance company seeking to minimize their financial responsibility.

My name is Sareer “Sandy” Fazili. For over 25 years, I have had firsthand experience with insurance companies taking every step to deny claims and avoid their responsibilities. To them, it’s just business. To you, it’s your livelihood and health. And to me, it’s an injustice that I fight against daily. That’s why I started The Fazili Firm. I wanted to continue doing what I’ve done for 25 years, and do it in a way that benefits those injured by and through the negligence of others. It is personal, and I want to handle your case and your issues personally.

Are You Being Blamed For Having Caused The Accident?

Multiple drivers may share fault for an accident. Insurance companies like to delay things and try to pin blame on as many people as they can to try and reduce their payouts. In New York, you can still recover for your injuries if it is proven that you were somehow partially responsible for causing the accident. New York follows what are called comparative negligence principles.

With comparative negligence, two people involved in an accident can both share some responsibility, and both can still be compensated for their injuries. The court reduces any award by the percentage of the driver’s fault in the accident. So, even a person who is deemed 80% at fault is eligible for 20% of the award.

I Answer Questions For My Clients

Car accident injuries are painful and can make you feel powerless. If you are involved in any kind of collision, you will have many questions. I will answer all of your questions surrounding accidents involving:

And, while having questions like, “What will I do next?” is common, it’s more important to know who to ask to get your answers.

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